Significant Changes for 2015 Education Summit and Trade Fair!

Save March 19, 2015 in your calendar for the 2015 RMLS™ Education Summit and Trade Fair!

Every year, at the conclusion of the RMLS™ Education Summit and Trade Fair, we survey both attendees and exhibitors. The 2015 event will see significant changes based on the survey feedback we received after the 2014 Trade Fair.

  • Location, location, location! We have heard repeated requests to bring our event to the west side of the Portland Metro vicinity. After much research, we selected the World Forestry Center. We are excited for this change so we can bring our exhibitors a more robust package for less money.
  • Exhibitor registration will be announced later this fall and will range in price ($170-$450) – depending on location and table size. It is important to note that this will be a table-top exhibition and not a 10’ x 10’. Each exhibitor will receive a table, chairs, electricity, wi-fi internet, and a wastebasket. Parking is expected to be $4/day and there is a public transportation (MAX) stop directly across from the venue.
  • Exhibitors will be located in Miller Hall and the foyer of Cheatham Hall.
  • Cheatham is considered premium table space as it is limited to 12 tables and will be in the foyer immediately outside of one large classroom location.
  • Exhibitors in Miller Hall will be adjacent to David Douglas, another education space, and share the hall with the food and beverage. This space is limited to 35 tables total.
  • We anticipate this will create a much more intimate environment and tables will sell quickly.

Stay tuned! More information will be distributed in the coming weeks. We hope you elect to participate and embrace this exciting change and fresh twist on our traditional event.


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